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COVID-19 Notice

Out of concern for the health and safety of our supporters, vendors, and local communities — and in line with orders by the State of California and local Bay Area counties — Sustainable North Bay will not be holding any events now or in the foreseeable future. Our program is built on the belief that live in person events offer exceptional return on investment, deepen existing relationships, and advance critical issues.

Right now, the most important thing all of us can do is focus our attention on personal safety and the safety of others in our community. 

Take care of yourselves. Be kind to others in need. And please continue to work and live within the means of our one beautiful planet.

Sustainable North Bay is part of a growing movement to build resilient, just, and environmentally responsible communities.


A North Bay region where all people enjoy happy, healthy and prosperous lives living within the means of the planet.

About Sustainable North Bay

This project is fiscally sponsored and managed by 108 Technologies. 108 Technologies is a Sonoma County consultancy dedicated to economic, environmental, and social sustainability.


Sustainable North Bay is to be a catalyst to preserve and continue to improve the quality of life in the North Bay region so that all people enjoy happy, healthy and prosperous lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

Sustainable North Bay produces the Sustainable Enterprise Conference.

Sustainable North Bay grew out of monthly meetings by community leaders in 2005-2006 which led to the initiation of the first annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference in 2006 that attracted over 150 community leaders and has since grown to an attendance of over 400 each year.

The annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference and our network of other events is supported through a partnership between the Executive Committee and our regional institutions well as companies that are national leaders in business sustainability known for preserving the environment, creating meaningful work and helping to build a future which is equitable and sustainable. Hundreds of North Bay leaders have participated in our events.

Sustainable North Bay Executive and Program Committees

The Sustainable North Bay Executive Committee guides the activities of the Program Committee. 

  • Oren Wool - Executive Director, Sustainable North Bay
  • Judith Ford, Ph.D. - Research Fellow: Sustainability & Resilience Programs at Sonoma State University's Center for Environmental Inquiry
  • Ray Lucchesi, RA LEED - Principal of Regenesis + founder of Living Guild
  • Robert Girling, Ph.D. - Professor, Sonoma State University + Founder, Sustainable Enterprise Conference

The Sustainable North Bay Program Committee is an ad hoc committee established as needed to convene informative interactive events that promote sustainability as a force for equitable resilient communities. The Committee is comprised of Northern California business executives, University faculty, non-profit leaders, public administrators, and entrepreneurs collaborating to address climate change, economic uncertainty, and equal opportunity. 


Develope a North Bay culture of being in relationship with nature, and the nature of the ecology of our place. Develop the capacity to transcend the current paradigm.

Our work focuses on three areas:

Public Events (Paradigm Shifting): We host public events to develop the capabilities of North Bay enterprises who wish to contribute to achieving a sustainable future. We provide education to business leaders, public officials, academics and the community about current issues in sustainability. Our public events are designed to be inclusive.

Online Directory (Information Commons): We curate an online directory of organizations, programs and individuals supporting a sustainable North Bay. By appropiately identifying the scale of activity we can document the shift in sustainability behavior from outlier to standard practice.

Linking Resources (Market Making): We link enterprises and organizations to resources that support sustainable development. Our members are active in business, government, nonprofit and academic networks. Our networking events help enterprises and organizations in meeting the right people to assist in the transition to sustainability.

Sustainable North Bay

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