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North Bay Vision Survey

Our visioning process includes collecting community input on goals, indicators, targets, visions, dreams and aspirations for our North Bay communities. Think out over the next 5-25 years and input your favorite aspiration. This can be a specific metric (80% zero carbon energy by 2030) or a more wistful aspiration (free community concerts every night in the summer). 

This process follows the One Planet Living (OPL) Princicples (outlined below) and the One Planet Guidance for Cities and Regions. Please do look at that inspiring document to see how we will organize actions by the 10 OPL principles. Don't get held up in your input as many actions fall under mutiple principles, just select one that applies. Feel free to be creative in your responses.

Feel free to submit multiple times.

In the community field enter the community (or organization) that input represents. Let's say you work for a power company. You might enter "100% renewable energy by 2050" and "Sonoma Clean Power" and a second entry of "Christmas lights on the SMART train" as "Cotati" or "Chicken Farmers" or "EV drivers" since you live there and do that.

Add your name and email (hidden from the public) if you'd like follow up or to participate in additional efforts around that topic.

[NOTE: This is a beta version under rapid development. We are sensitive to the fact that this effort is not vetted and at this point only in English. Please contact us with your improvement suggestions.]

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One Planet Living Principles